Thomas B. Clarke

Computer Science Student / Developer

University of Birmingham

Hi, I'm Tom, and I'm currently studying at the University of Birmingham to get a degree in Computer Science. As well as the programs and projects I do inside of my degree, I also enjoy working on things outside of my course, which is what I want to show here (mainly seen in the Projects page). I am in my final year of my degree, having just completed an industrial placement at CGI. This year I have started modules on intelligent robotics and networks and a main focus on my final year project which is based around completing the natural language processing task presented at SemeVal 2017/ScienceIE

So far, I have had experience in various object orientated programming languages, various web technologies and frameworks and even some functional programming, alongside much industrial development experience as well. With this experience I feel ready and excited to go onto larger projects in the future, learning and doing more interesting things!

You can check out my LinkedIn, CV and projects all from here.

The quickest way to contact me is via email: Contact me!

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